Janet Katz

Ward 1 - Chair

Janet grew up in Connecticut but has called Maryland 'home' since graduating from the University of Maryland in 1988 and earning her Master’s degree in 1995. For more than thirty years, she has worked in Sales and Marketing positions including her current role at a global industry leading organization securing and leading multi-million dollar government contracts. Her interest in local politics is driven by a desire to ensure a conservative point of view is present in Maryland’s capitol city.


Connecting and contributing to her community has and continues to be important to Janet as demonstrated by her past volunteer work as a literacy tutor for an English as a second language student, teaching first grade religion in Cape St. Claire, serving as Secretary of the Truxton Heights Residents’ Association, supporting Maryland Hall, participating in a women’s bible study group at St. Mary’s Church, enlisting as a water quality tester, and continuing to foster oyster spat.


Janet’s goal for Annapolis is for balance to be achieved through greater representation of Republican voices advocating fiscal responsibility, committing to public safety, and reducing local government overreach.