Strawn. Guest Column Capital Gazette 4/18/2020

“We have met the enemy and he is us,” Pogo.

If ever there was a quote for this day and time it is Pogo’s, This state is dying on the vine, not from some virus but from our state agenda, state officials need to see the light and change this agenda. We know there is always a relapse but for the most part, the worst is over yet we have not veered from this dead-end road. This must stop! The cure is worst than the affliction. What do we really know? The models have been all over the place. Where is common sense? We weathered the storm, we braced for a 100-foot tsunami that didn’t come. Is it because we did what was mandated? Few did, but in all actuality, we’ve done nothing. We stayed home maybe for the first few weeks. We don masks months after the fact. I walk downtown Annapolis daily and there is a copious supply of people. Teens skateboarding, car clubs showing off their rides, people in general, socializing most without masks and no distancing. It appears as if nothing has happened except the shops being closed and our local businesses are being financially crushed. You can frequent a big box store with hundreds of customers, yet our boutiques having no more than one or two clientele at any given time. Experts are only right until they are wrong. All just outside your window governor, pull up the blinds. We are forced to get food via take out/pick up. Just how safe is it if they let you take it off of a tray that everyone before you has touched. I don’t believe anyone who works in these restaurants was tested and least of all in the fast-food chains. Yet here we are eating and acting as if it’s all fine. Even more telling is we have done the aforementioned and everything is fine. Heck, I was in one carryout and a man came in to pick up his order and asked for some salt. As the owner held out his hand to give him the salt, the person pulled his hand back with a jerk and said no thanks, can’t be too careful. As he left the carry out the owner shook his head and said, I just prepared his food. Here are the figures if they are to be believed. There are between 250,000 to 650,000 deaths worldwide each year from viruses of some kind. If you believe the numbers, China reports fewer than 88,000 deaths to COVID-19.Let’s not play around with China and double what they stated to 176,000. That would bring the total deaths worldwide as of this writing to 326,000, which just makes the medium range of some years. With America’s COVID-19 reported deaths totaling 89,000. The 2018-2019 U.S. flu season deaths totaled over 34,000 and not a peep out of last year. Yet here we are on the precipice of ruining so many lives, not just business but homes and families, real people having delayed surgeries for many ailments. The prolonged effects of not receiving treatment will add up and take years to realize. All this because of what might happen. Are we willing to be led like sheep and let this thing take us into next year’s flu season without letting go of the last? This seems as if we are setting ourselves up for a much larger crash then if we had let this run its course. A prime example of humans thinking we can control nature with disastrous results to be named later. Steve Strawn is the chairman of the Annapolis Republican Central Committee.