Steven Strawn’s responds to Allen’s letter The Capital did not publish.

Blithe Cynicism 11   

Philip Allen, you implied that you were closer and more concerned then I for the dead and dying do to this covid 19 virus. You also implied that I was ill concerned for the poor and the minorities who were hit hard. Did you make that assumption base on my party affiliation and the fact that I am an old white dude or maybe because you thought I could not defend against your accusations without making myself look worst than the blithe cynic you portrayed me to be. 
 How did you Mr. Allen read into my column that I was taking this pandemic with a smile on my face and laughter on my lips? I may have more in common with the poor and minorities then you.  
I grew up in Chillum Heights Apartments, right outside of DC, poor with a single mother working in a bar at night to support me and my sister. I did not know what a minority was until I was in my 20’s, I just called them friends and some were as close as family. I do know what it’s like to go to bed without anything to eat. My mother would come home from work at 3 AM, wake us up and feed us scrapes of food left over from the bar. We had to mix our milk with water to pour on our cereal, dinner was rice with ketchup poured over it for sauce. The Betty Special, if you will, named after my mother. I left home at the age of 10, my mother would tell you I was at least 11.:) Where did you grow up?
 Philip Allen, your statement, “Those of us who mourn the dead”, as if I do not and am unaffected from this awful virus. I say to you,  My Mother died just 4 weeks ago at the height of the pandemic in a Severna Park nursing home.. How dare you make those assumptions. I will not do the same to you Philip Allen. Let’s hope that the greater than thou attitude of Allen’s letter does not reflect his party as a whole. Only time will tell who is correct. Mr. Allen you haven’t a clue other then my title of who I am. Get in touch, I’ll talk. The numbers where for the same amount of time. From Oct 2018 to May  2019 and Oct 2019 to May 2020 not just 3 months as you stated.
                                                                                           Steven Strawn