Republican Candidates

Fellow Republicans:

The entire City Council including the Mayor are up for grabs this November in Annapolis!

This election is critically important! Right now, the Council is 8-to-1 Democrat to Republican.  More Republicans are needed to push back against the massive tax increases and fight against the rising crime and shootings in our historic capital.

Mayor Gavin Buckley and the City Council have moved the city backwards.

·      The City budget that has ballooned to a whopping $152,000,000. This is an increase of 43%!

·      Your water bill, sewer bill, trash bill and stormwater bill have all gone up.

·      The city spent $100,000 on a bike lane that only lasted 30 days!

·      Through mismanagement our Public Works building is going to be $2.2 million over budget.

·      The City pool was $1 million over budget.

·      The City cut back on hiring police. We now only have 98 officers when the budget allows for 124. We have seen the damaging effects of this in higher crime.

 We need people who are willing to fight for this city! If you are interested in running for office, please contact us. We will help you. The deadline is July 26th. 

For any questions you can contact: 



             Authority:  Annapolis Republican Central Committee, Stacey Crown, Treasurer